Unleash Your Tattoo Talent: Top 3 Procreate Brush Sets for Every Artist!

Unleash Your Tattoo Talent: Top 3 Procreate Brush Sets for Every Artist!

In the field of digital tattoo design, Procreate offers a wide range of specialized brushes. Each set has its own unique features, corresponding to different styles and preferences.

This review examines three popular Procreate tattoo brush sets: Tattoo Basic stencil set, Tattoo Art brushes and Tattoo Peony stencil set.

Procreate Brushes Tattoo Basic Stencil Set



Versatility: Suitable for a range of tattoo styles.

Realism: Mimics real tattoo needles’ effects.

User-Friendly: Easy to control, ideal for beginners.

Affordability: Good quality at a reasonable price.


Limited Customization: Less adaptable compared to other Procreate brushes.

Style Restrictions: Not ideal for all tattoo styles, like watercolor or dotwork.

Learning Curve: Requires some practice for effective use.

Tattoo Art Brushes



Diversity: Offers a wide array of brushes for various styles.

Professional Design: Created by professional tattoo artists.

Pressure Sensitivity: Allows for nuanced line work.

Ease of Use: Simple installation and beginner-friendly.


Cost: Pricier than some other options.

Specialization: Some brushes may be too advanced for novices.

Tattoo Peony Stencil Set



Specialized Designs: Features realistic peony patterns.

Versatile Application: Suitable for traditional, Japanese, and blackwork styles.

Ease of Use: Straightforward for beginners.

Affordable: Reasonably priced for the quality offered.


Limited Scope: Primarily for peony designs, less diverse.

Style Restrictions: May not fit all tattoo genres like watercolor or dotwork.

Learning Curve: Requires some initial practice.

These Procreate tattoo brush sets each have their strengths and limitations. The Tattoo Basic Stencil Set and Peony Stencil Set are great for beginners and those seeking affordability, but they offer less customization. The Tattoo Art Brushes, designed by professionals, offer a wider variety and realism, suitable for both novices and experienced artists, albeit at a higher price.